Fuck Islam

by Finntronaut

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They will let you know
That what controls their life
Is but a humble religion of peace
Which must be why they are told
To fight every idolater in every place

Don't be so quick to judge before
You know that murder is one of the major sins
That doesn't sound so bad, but there is more
But only when it is committed against Muslims

They like to claim
That there is no compulsion in religion
I guess that in a way that's true
Trade your head for lack of superstition

إلى الجحيم يا إسلام
('iilaa aljahim ya 'iislam)
Come and sing with me
Fuck Islam!
لا يؤمن العاقل بأسطورة الإله
(lla yumin aleaqil bastwrt al'ilh)
Absolutely, indeed
Fuck Islam!

They will try to convince you
That terror's not a component of bona fide Islam
And say that those who terrorize are not true
Followers of the teachings of Quran

To the angels, your lord revealed
Make firm those who believe
Those who don't, strike off their heads and fingertips
I'll cast terror to the hearts of those who disbelieve

Hadith says 'don't commit suicide'
It's frowned upon as you decrease Muslim population
But it's allowed if you make infidels petrified
And kill more enemies as a causation

They would like to divert you to a problem B
Bring up another religion and call it a day
It's like they want to traverse through a different time
”Christians did it too, so it's all just fine”

So if you don't believe in this
Why would you make apologies?
You are the worst scum of the earth
That's just Allah's inerrant word

الإسلام يجري لمزبلة التاريخ
(al'islam yajri limazbalat alttarikh)

إلى الجحيم يا إسلام
('iilaa aljahim ya 'iislam)
Say it loudly and proudly
Fuck Islam!
لا يؤمن العاقل بأسطورة الإله
(lla yumin aleaqil bastwrt al'ilh)
It deserves it profoundly
Fuck Islam!


released April 5, 2017



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Finntronaut Finland

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