Islamic Death Metal

by Finntronaut

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Ashadu an la ilaha ilalla, wa ashadu anna muhammadan rasulu-la

Muhammad salallahu alayhi a-wasallam
The meek and mild warlord who invented our Quran
Commanded us to never give false partners to Allah
Then told us to obey him in addition to our God

He flew to heaven with his whores
Or perhaps it was a horse
Or was it a goat?
Well, I guess it's more or less interchangeable

This song will calm a baby
In Australia there's a bent tree
Doing a rakat
Even facing the Kaaba
Your right hand says 18
Left says 81
99 names for Allah
Miracles second to none

We follow a pedophile
We glorify sharia
Inshallah we'll rule the world
As free as North Korea

We stand firm
Calling to Allah
All the time
We let them know
Bang, bang
'Cause it's Dawah time

Oh, how I wish I could drink a damn
bottle of my father's nutritious sperm
It's healthy and I love the taste but it's haram
by Al-Jabbar, Al-Khabir, Allah's terms

You'd think beer or bacon would be what I crave,
but with fatherly semen I wanna be graced
I can't resist this desire
Please, Allah, don't send me in Jahannam fire!

Could you please rescind your daddy seed policy?
I'm sure it would be a well received anomaly

So you criticized our doctrines, our barbarism with clenched fists
But did you know that not all Muslims are terrorists or islamists?

No true Muslim would shoot a bunch of gay lads
But really we should blame Western culture for the bloodbath
Veil your women and submit to Allah
But don't change your mind because apostate's head won't stay on

Let's become an Islamic state
Let's exemplify Baghdadis
Infidels we'll decapitate
And burn their dead bodies


released September 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Finntronaut Finland

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