White Privilege Death Metal

by Finntronaut

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Music video: youtu.be/DJWhMjNi-t4


You there, white man!
Give me your attention
So I can educate you of melanin oppression
Simple subordination
Classist re-coordination
Time for you to pay your reparations

Your whiteness is a golden key
Don't expect sympathies from me

We'll kidnap and torment this white, autistic swine
Rejoicing in his desperate, pleading whines
The authorities they ask "was this a crime of hate?"
I'll tell you officer, he's white
So it's not up for debate!

Statistical conspiracies are lying to me every day
Beneficial treatment you will get in every single way

Let's destroy this white supremacy
That allows a black man to lead
We can never truly be free
'Til you've given us our autonomy
'Til these trolls are censored to obscurity

Signify my discontention with this white inauguration
Through the great autistic screeching (NO!)
Now we'll head for the street
An antifascist misdeed
Punching nazies to distribute privilege abridgment

My moaning is the reason why I don’t accomplish my goals
However, as I see you’re white, I deem this your social control
I might get in, get hired, get scholared for my genes, although...
Your privilege haunts me
'Cause you’re the fabric of the status quo

As I batter this cracker, you might say that it’s barbaric
But this backlash is justified if you're aware of the historic
Injustice, oppression
Let your white guilt run free and succumb to our regression


released February 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Finntronaut Finland

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